Byosen Scanning

Byosen scanning is done to detect disrupted energy in the aura and physical body; it is used to feel the different temperatures and quality of that energy. Scanning and healing the aura is very important because the cause of stress, illnesses and emotional problems can start in the aura. By treating the aura with Reiki, many problems can be healed before they can manifest in the physical body. Even after a problem has developed in the physical body Reiki energy can activate the natural healing process and reduce stress in the affected area.

A practitioner will slowly sweep or scan their hands over one’s body pausing when hibiki is found. Hibiki is the dissonance between the positive Reiki energy in the practitioner’s hands and the negative energy in the client that is causing stress, dis-ease or pain. The practitioner might pause to confirm the presence of sensations, note their strength or discuss them with the client before trying to heal.When an area of dis-ease is found, the practitioner will channel Reiki energy to this specific spot by touch or beaming to initiate healing. Reiki will heal the aura and flow into the physical body to work on healing tissue and organs as well.