My session was extremely relaxing and helpful! It is a blend of a physical therapy and emotional therapy. It was relaxing to the point that I dosed off and hopefully she didn't notice me drooling! I give it a 10 out of 10, would do again! -Scott A

I tried Reiki for the first time and loved it! Rachel answered all my questions and was very accommodating to how I wanted the session to go. I will be back and I will recommend Rachel to my friends! -Mollie O

Reiki is really quite amazing and I don't really get how it works- but hey, I don't understand how cell phones work either!  Not only did I enjoy the session, but I did feel that it was beneficial to how I live; my stress was lowered, I was more cognizant of what I was feeling, and why I was feeling that way. I've done a great deal of healing/body work over the years due to accidents  and I've become particular about what qualities I'm looking for in and how my body responds to different treatments.  At its heart, I'm looking for someone who has my best interests in mind and who walks his/her talk and Rachel does just that!

In summation- Rach A) helps me feel better physically B) helps clear my head, and C)truly cares about me as a person and my wellbeing. I cannot recommend her enough for this and she truly does believe in helping other people.  -Karl A

I knew nothing about Reiki, but Rachel was really great at explaining the purpose of everything and how it works in order to benefit my health and well-being. I left feeling so very relaxed, and held on to this relaxation for a few days after the session. Thank you for your kindness and professionalism, Rachel!
-Shelly F

My Reiki session with Rachel was not my first Reiki session I've ever had but it was my best experience. I thought Rachel’s energy brought a feeling of peacefulness to the room from start to finish. She was very knowledgeable with the practice, you would think she had been doing reiki for much longer! She has a natural gift for this healing technique. -Becky I

My name is Ryan, and I was very skeptical of Reiki when Rachel first told me about the positive effects and connection to overall wellbeing.  I’m not one to partake in what most consider ‘mumbo jumbo’; however, because I trust Rachel, I told her I would give it a try.

Rachel walked me through the history of Reiki, why it’s used, and what benefits one can achieve through the process.  She was very respectful of my comfort level and ensured I was well aware of what was going to take place throughout the session.  She made me feel very welcome and comforted. 

The session began with relaxing music, and an ambient setting that welcomed me into a calming mind and place.  Rachel began with a set of rituals that aimed to clear several physical and emotional elements.  Again, I’m not a huge believer in what’s not scientifically proven, however, I will admit that the procedure left me feeling at peace and clear.  There was a noticeable effect on my body and mind.

She continued with several other procedures that deepened my state of relaxation.  The entire session lasted about forty minutes, and I can honestly say, it’s the most relaxed and refreshed I’ve felt in a long time.  Not only was Rachel well informed and well trained, she effectively communicated the process and benefits of Reiki and made me comfortable with a something foreign and new. 

Again, I’m not usually one for spiritual experiences, but I can assure you that Rachel performs the art of Reiki with both passion and professionalism.  She will make you feel comfortable, and I promise you’ll enjoy the experience.-Ryan R

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