What are Chakras?

The seven Chakras are the energy centers in our body, along the spine, in which energy flows through. These seven chakras hold all the positive and harmful energy, thoughts, emotions, and actions you have through your life. Each one is represented by a different color and has a specific function connected to the physical body and emotional well-being. Blocked energy in any Chakra can often lead to stress or illness. So it is important to understand what each Chakra represents, have it cleared, and what we can do to keep positive energy flowing freely.

What causes chakra blocks?

Chakras can become blocked for various reasons. Memories buried deep within the subconscious mind, childhood trauma, abuse, a learned restrictive belief system, emotional injuries that haven’t been forgiven or just lack of attention can cause a chakra to become blocked. Tension builds up at one of the chakras from repeated denial, guilt, repression or unfelt emotions. Eventually, everything is affected from energy level, to various physical ailments, and emotional state of mind. Disease in the body can be caused by chronically repeated blocked energy.

Chakra Clearing

In order to start the flow of energy back through the Chakras and body, and even to allow Reiki energy to flow and heal, it is best to clear each Chakra regularly and especially before each Reiki session.

This can be done by using a pendulum to detect the level of blockage in each Chakra. Once a Reiki practitioner has detected a block they may clear it using Reiki energy and Beaming. This process may take a few times depending of the level of blockage and may not even result in a completely open until further work by the practitioner and client is done.Clearing Chakras leaves the energy flow open so that the aura and physical body can receive the positive effects from Byosen Scanning and Reiki healing sessions.Even if no further treatment is to be done, it is important to clear the Chakras and aura and to discuss what the client can do to keep the positive energy flowing.