Essential Oils

What are essential oils?

Essential oils are concentrated extracts taken from the roots, leaves, seeds, or blossoms of plants. Each of which contains its own mix of active ingredients.

They are what give the plant its characteristic odor and contain the healing power of the plant from which it was extracted. When used correctly, essential oils bring a wide range of health and energy benefits.

Often times, essential oils are used in cleansing ceremony when the smoke from a smudge stick is not preferable. The essential oils can be diffused in water and sprayed into the air, or around an aura to cleanse and protect. Likewise, the essential oils can be diffused in a natural olive, coconut or and applied directly to a person or object for the same effect.

Sage Oil

Sage essential oil is derived from the steam distilled leaves of the sage plant. Sage is also known as Salvia, which means “healing plant”, or Salvere, which means “to save”. It has been recognized for its ability to strengthen the senses and vital energy centers of the body and to support metabolism. It is helpful for supporting the respiratory, reproductive, nervous, and other body systems. Sage helps in coping with despair and mental fatigue. It is diffused traditionally to cleanse and purify the home and body from negative influences.

Cedarwood Oil

Cedarwood essential oil is derived from the bark of the cedar tree. Cedar also known as Deodar, translates to "timber of the gods." Tradition believes the wood of the cedar tree holds wise and powerful spirits. Cedar is used to drive out negativity and protect against any returning. Cedarwood oil has a warm, woodsy aroma that creates comforting energy. It also creates a calming, yet powerful environment when diffused.

Lavender Oil

Lavender essential oil is derived from the lavender evergreen shrub. This flowering plant, from the verb lavāre, means “to wash”; to wash away stress and negativity. It has a calming aroma, as well as powers of cleansing and protection. It is regarded as a defense from negativity and has traditionally been used in herbal medicine to provide a soothing effect on the nervous system.


Sweetgrass essential oil is derived from very hardy perennial natural grasses. This wild North American grass, Hierochloe odorata, translates to "holy fragrant grass”. It is attractive and pleasing, so is it attractive to good spirits and energies.  As a sacred plant, it is used to bring in peace and positivity.

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